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Actors - Actress Pictures is your premiere source for the best celebrity, actors and actress pictures and movie stars available on the Internet. We are constantly adding and updating actors and actresses to our website to bring you the best celebrity and actors pictures. We have partnered with other quality websites so that you don't have to search the world wide web over looking for your favorite actor - let us be your one stop resource for the celebrities and movie stars you want.


Okay, we have to admit, that there are some sexy celebrities out there that are not actors, but still deserve a lot of attention. Our website will feature these worthy celebrities and proudly share them with you.

Latest Actors and Actress News

  • NFL Star John Abraham -- DUI Arrest While Leaving Strip Club ... at 4:00 PM
  • Matt Barnes -- Cops Capture Aunt's Alleged Killer ... Thanks to Citizen's Tip
  • James Garner -- Cause of Death ... Fatal Heart Attack
  • Tim Howard -- HE'S A KEEPER ... Soccer Star Inks TV Deal with NBC
  • TMZ Live: Chris Brown -- Neighbor Drama Just Got Real ... Violent Threat Made
  • Giles Matthey -- Kiefer And I Drank Hard During Filming Of '24'
  • TMZ's Annual Comic-Contest -- WINNER!
  • 50 Cent -- Trolls Floyd Mayweather ... Nelly Stole Your Chick!!
  • Justin Bieber -- Beverly Hills Cops School Condo Residents on Bieber Trouble
  • U.S. Sprinter Torrin Lawrence -- 911 Before Fatal Crash ... 'Help Is On the Way'

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